Les Téléjournaux
A web-based video activity for Advanced French students
(also available at http://www.ignatius.edu/turner/ )

Coordinated by Milton Alan Turner
Saint Ignatius High School, Cleveland Ohio

Les Téléjournaux | French IV-2000 | AP French IV-2000 | French IV-1998 | AP French IV- 1998 | French III-1989 | Lesson Plans (for teachers)

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Les Téléjournaux

Les Journaux Télévisés 

  • March 1989- French III Periods 3 and 8
    • Le Journal Télévisé 1 (Janke, McMonagle, Porter)
    • Le Journal Télévisé 2 (Kopp, Kuchna, McCafferty)

Lesson Plans (for teachers)

Click on HTML for the web page version of each lesson plan or PDF for the Adobe Acrobat version (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in).

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